Payment Methods

We accept
USA and International Credit Cards from all countries outside the United States.

We are using an international credit card verification service that may require additional identity verification.
Emails and phones calls for this reason regarding your order may be made on our behalf from

To expedite the processing of your order, please be available at the phone number or email address that you
provided so that they may be able to contact you if needed. Please note if our verification team is unable to contact you
this could cause delays in the processing of your order. Verification of orders can take several hours to several days.

We are also willing to ship on your shipping account number and use your carrier just enter that information when you
check out. When paying by credit card we like to ship to the bill to address on the card. 

The option to pay by credit card for USA and International Customers is available to you when you are asked for payment in step 3 (see below):
1. First you use our search or links of our pages and find an item and add an item(s) to the cart. 
2. Then you select the shipping method. You can also use your UPS, Fedx or DHL account number at this step if you want.
3. Then you are asked for payment information & Bill to and Ship to information.
    Fill in all fields especially regarding the phone number off the back of the card for the issuing bank if you are outside
    USA or Canada.

4  And then you are given a receipt of your order online and via email. 
All credit card orders are verified and processed at the time of shipment and not before. 

Wire Transfer In Advance
When you complete your order online you will get information on how and where to send your payment. 
You can select this payment option when in step 3 above.

PayPal for USA & Canada
Go ahead and select PayPal as your payment method when you check out via our shopping cart, you will be redirected to  where you can complete the order and payment. You can select this payment option when in step 3 above.

Net 30 (Pre-Qualified)
Net Terms are for pre-qualified customers only. If you haven't been pre-qualified please call us or email us to get a credit
application. It could take 5 days to get terms established. You can select this payment option when in step 3 above.