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Part No.Description
STBX500100-PB-RSTBX500100PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Expansion Portable 500GB SuperSpeed USB 3.0 External Har
STCA1000300-PB-RSTCA1000300PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Backup Plus V1 STCA1000300 Terabyte 1TB SuperSpeed USB
STCF500100-PB-RSTCF500100PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Slim STCF500100 500GB USB 2.0 2.5 External Hard Drive f
STCN1000100-PB-RSTCN1000100PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Expansion Portable 1 Terabyte 1TB SuperSpeed USB 3.0 E
STCN500100-PB-RSTCN500100PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Expansion Portable 500GB SuperSpeed USB 3.0 External Har
STDR1000103-PB-RSTDR1000103PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive 1 Terabyte 1TB SuperSp
STDR1000300-PB-RSTDR1000300PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive 1 Terabyte 1TB SuperSp
STDS1000100-PB-RSTDS1000100PBRSeagate Technology Seagate Backup Plus STDS1000100 1 Terabyte 1TB SuperSpeed USB
9CA156038Seagate Technology SEAGATE 9CA156038 750GB; 7200; SATA; 7PIN; 3.5X1.0; INT; SERVE
9EB007-0319EB007031Seagate Technology SEAGATE 9EB007-031 300GB; 10K; FC; N/A; 3.5X1.0; INT; SERVER
9FU066-0059FU066005Seagate Technology SEAGATE 146gb 15k 2.5 SAS HARD DRIVE
9V2006024Seagate Technology SEAGATE 9V2006024 146GB; 10K; SCSI; SCA80; 3.5X1.0; INT; SERVE
9X4007-0319X4007031Seagate Technology SEAGATE 9X4007-031 146GB; 15K; SCSI; 40PIN; 3.5X1.0; INT; SERV
9Z2006-0429Z2006042Seagate Technology SEAGATE 9Z2006-042 146GB; 15K; FC; SCA40; 3.5X1.0; INT; SERVER
PCB-ST31000340ASPCBST31000340ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST3750630AS 9BX146-033 DE12 100468979 J SATA 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST3160021APCBST3160021ASeagate Technology Seagate ST3160021A 9W2001-630 8.11 100344501 D IDE 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST3160022ACEPCBST3160022ACESeagate Technology Seagate ST3160022ACE 9W6024-191 9.51 100282770 G IDE 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST3160212ACEPCBST3160212ACESeagate Technology Seagate ST3160212ACE 9BE012-510 3.ACB 100389144 G IDE 3.5 PC
PCB-ST320011APCBST320011ASeagate Technology Seagate ST320011A 9T6004-032 3.10 100151014 E SATA 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST320LT007PCBST320LT007Seagate Technology Seagate ST320LT007 9ZV142-020 0004HPM1 1629 E SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST320LT012PCBST320LT012Seagate Technology Seagate ST320LT012 9WS14C-070 0001LVM1 6151 E SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST3250310NSPCBST3250310NSSeagate Technology Seagate ST3250310NS 9CA152-052 MA07 100477122 J SATA 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST340014APCBST340014ASeagate Technology Seagate ST340015A 9Y3001-001 3.01 100265364 B IDE 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST3400832ASPCBST3400832ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST3400832AS 9Y7385-510 3.03 100350565 G SATA 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST3500414CSPCBST3500414CSSeagate Technology Seagate ST3500418AS 9SL142-302 CC38 2364 AA SATA 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST3500830ASPCBST3500830ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST3500830AS 9BJ136-505 3.AAD 100406539 E SATA 3.5 PC
PCB-ST3750330ASPCBST3750330ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST3750330AS 9BX156-303 SD1A 100468979 J SATA 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST380819ASPCBST380819ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST380819AS 9W2732-033 8.03 100363169 J SATA 3.5 PCB
PCB-ST500LT012PCBST500LT012Seagate Technology Seagate ST500LT012 9WS142-070 0001LVM1 6151 E SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST9160310ASPCBST9160310ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST9160310AS 9EV132-188 0303 100513490 F SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST9160412ASPCBST9160412ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST9160412AS 9HV14C-022 0006HPM1 100537087 M SATA 2.5
PCB-ST9160418ASGPCBST9160418ASGSeagate Technology Seagate ST9160418ASG 9RXG4C-032 DEC7 100563947 E SATA 2.5 PC
PCB-ST9500423ASPCBST9500423ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST9500423AS 9RT143-285 0002SDM1 9766 G SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST9500424ASPCBST9500424ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST9500424AS 9RW143-567 0001BSM1 9766 G SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST9640423ASPCBST9640423ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST9640423AS 9ZW144-140 0001SYM1 9766 J SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST9750420ASPCBST9750420ASSeagate Technology Seagate ST9750420AS 9RT14G-030 0001DEM1 9766 G SATA 2.5 PCB
PCB-ST98823APCBST98823ASeagate Technology Seagate ST98823A 9W3883-020 3.05 100385898 A IDE 2.5 PCB
ST1000NM0001-RST1000NM0001RSeagate Technology
ST2000LM003Seagate Technology 2TB 2.5 Mobile SATA Drive
ST3146356SS-DELLST3146356SSDELLSeagate Technology DELL SEAGATE 146GB 15K 3.5 SAS
ST32000444SS-RST32000444SSRSeagate Technology
ST32000645SS-F/SST32000645SSFSSeagate Technology SEAGATE 2TB 7.2K SAS 64MB - FACTORY WARRANTY
ST32000645SS-RST32000645SSRSeagate Technology
ST3250820ACE-NDW-RCST3250820ACENDWRCSeagate Technology Seagate DB35.3 250GB UDMA/100 7200RPM 8MB IDE Hard Drive
ST33000650SS-RST33000650SSRSeagate Technology
ST3300656SS-RST3300656SSRSeagate Technology
ST3300657SS-RST3300657SSRSeagate Technology
ST336754LC-NEWST336754LCNEWSeagate Technology 36GB Ultra320 SCSI Internal 3.5 Hard Drive Cheetah 15K.4
ST3450856SS-RST3450856SSRSeagate Technology
ST3600057FC-RST3600057FCRSeagate Technology
ST3600057SS-DELLST3600057SSDELLSeagate Technology Brand New Zero-Hours DELL/ Seagate ST3600057SS 600GB 15K SAS 3.5
ST500NM0011-3YRST500NM00113YRSeagate Technology 3YR Seagate Constellation ES ST500NM0011 500GB 7.2K SATA Hard Dr
ST907504EXA101-RKST907504EXA101RKSeagate Technology 750GB Seagate 5400RPM 2.5 External Hard Drive ST907504EXA101-RK
ST91000640NS-RST91000640NSRSeagate Technology
ST91000640SS-RST91000640SSRSeagate Technology
ST9146802SS-DELLST9146802SSDELLSeagate Technology DELL 146GB 2.5 10K SAS
ST9450404SS-RST9450404SSRSeagate Technology
ST9450405SS-RST9450405SSRSeagate Technology
STBD6000100Seagate Technology Seagate STBD6000100 Desktop HDD 6TB 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s 128MB Cac CLEI 2666016580
STBV2000100_BIN3STBV2000100BIN3Seagate Technology 2TB EXPANSION DESKTOP DRIVE USB3.0
STCT10000100Seagate Technology 10TB NAS 2 Bay
STCT2000100Seagate Technology 2TB NAS 2 Bay
STCT8000100Seagate Technology 8TB NAS 2 Bay
STCU20000100Seagate Technology 20TB NAS 4 Bay
STCU4000100Seagate Technology 4TB NAS 4 Bay
STDD100Seagate Technology Empty NAS Pro 2 Bay
STDD10000100Seagate Technology 10TB NAS Pro 2 Bay
STDD2000100Seagate Technology 2TB NAS Pro 2 Bay
STDD4000100Seagate Technology 4TB NAS Pro 2 Bay
STDD8000100Seagate Technology 8TB NAS Pro 2 Bay
STDE100Seagate Technology Empty NAS Pro 4 Bay
STDE16000100Seagate Technology 16TB NAS Pro 4 Bay
STDE20000100Seagate Technology 20TB NAS Pro 4 Bay
STDE4000100Seagate Technology 4TB NAS Pro 4 Bay
STDE8000100Seagate Technology 8TB NAS Pro 4 Bay
STDF100Seagate Technology Empty NAS Pro 6 Bay
STDF12000100Seagate Technology 12TB NAS Pro 6 Bay
STDF24000100Seagate Technology 24TB NAS Pro 6 Bay
STDF30000100Seagate Technology 30TB NAS Pro 6 Bay
STDF6000100Seagate Technology 6TB NAS Pro 6 Bay

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Brands Index

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