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Part No.Description
108-00004+C010800004C0Netapp Refurbished 10800004C0 250GB SATA 1.5GBS 3.5 w/tray X262B-SP-262
108-00030+A010800030A0Netapp Refurbished 10800030A0 NETAPP 146GB Hard Drive 10000RPM FC Drive with Tray
108-00030+B010800030B0Netapp Refurbished 10800030B0 144GB Hard Drive 10000RPM 3GBPS w/tray X274-SP-274
108-00082+A010800082A0Netapp Refurbished 10800082A0 NetApp Hard Drive Caddy for 3.5-inch Fibre Fiber Channel Drives Mfr P/
108-00082+A110800082A1Netapp Refurbished 144gb 10k FC Drive for SD14 MK2
108-00083+A210800083A2Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 10000RPM FC Disk drive with tray for DS14MK4 Storag
108-00085+A010800085A0Netapp Refurbished 144GB 15K FC DS14MK2 Disk Drive
108-00087+A010800087A0Netapp Refurbished 10800087A0 Netapp 320GB SATA Drive with Tray
108-00088+A110800088A1Netapp Refurbished 10800088A1 500GB SATA 3GBPS 3.5 w/tray SP-267-R5
108-00149+A010800149A0Netapp Refurbished 10800149A0 NETAPP 750GB 72K RPM FC W/ TRAY
108-00155+B210800155B2Netapp Refurbished 10800155B2 146GBNETAPPHard Drive HDD
108-0016610800166Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 15K SAS FAS2020 Disk Drive
108-00180+A110800180A1Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050 1TB Sata 3.5 7.2K 3GBPS w/tray
108-00180+A410800180A4Netapp Refurbished 1TB 7200RPM FC w/ tray
108-0020510800205Netapp Refurbished 450GB 15K RPM 4GB FC Disk Drive for DS14 MK4 MK2 ShelfP/N :
108-00205+B010800205B0Netapp Refurbished 10800205B0 450GB Fibre Channel 15K RPM
108-00234+A010800234A0Netapp Refurbished 10800234A0 1TB SATA 7200 RPM
10801167Netapp Refurbished POWER SUPPLY FOR NET Application SERVER F720
108-0147110801471Netapp Refurbished KODAK CAMERA BATTERY - CAMERA BATTERY CR-V3 LI
108-0147510801475Netapp Refurbished 10801475 NetApp AC Power Supply for StorageShelf FC9
108-0195910801959Netapp Refurbished 10801959 NetApp 18Gb FC. Disk + Bracket HEM3E89-BAP-3CO
108-0208010802080Netapp Refurbished 10802080 NETAPP DS14 PS/BLOWER MODULE
108-02080+D010802080D0Netapp Refurbished 10802080D0 450W DS14 Power Supply Unit
108-0211310802113Netapp Refurbished 10802113 NetApp 18Gb FC. Disk + Bracket HEM3E8-BAP-1CO
108-0228110802281Netapp Refurbished 10802281 300 W POWER SUPPLY AC CHEROKEE
45054-064505406Netapp Refurbished FAS250 BAY BLANK
111-00237+E511100237E5Netapp Refurbished NA-FAS2020 / IBM-N3300 CONTROLLER MODULE W/ BATTERY
110-0000311000003Netapp Refurbished 11000003 NetApp R200 FAS960 Memory Board 110-00003+B0 G7GFS
110-0001111000011Netapp Refurbished ENT-110000008101A REV:D CPU MPC8241LZQ16
110-0002411000024Netapp Refurbished FA S980 Mother Board
110-00024+D011000024D0Netapp Refurbished FAS980 Motherboard
110-00057+C011000057C0Netapp Refurbished 11000057C0 NetApp 110-00057+C0 X3304-R5 Remote Lan Module with Plastic Cadd
110-0008211000082Netapp Refurbished RISER A PCI EXP BOARD
110-0157911001579Netapp Refurbished 1GB KIT 2X512MB Memory PC3200 400MHZ DDR 184-Pin DIMM Unbuffered CL3 2 6V
110-0159911001599Netapp New 1GB KIT 2X512MB Memory PC3200 400MHZ DDR 184-Pin DIMM Unbuffered CL3 2 6V
110-0159911001599Netapp Refurbished 1GB KIT 2X512MB Memory PC3200 400MHZ DDR 184-Pin DIMM Unbuffered CL3 2 6V
110-0171311001713Netapp Refurbished 11001713 NETAPP System Board ( Motherboard ) V
110-0208511002085Netapp Refurbished NVRAM 3 W/ 64MB PCB MEMORY C6100F85
110-0209111002091Netapp Refurbished 11002091 PCB Assembly NVRAM3128MB
110-0240111002401Netapp Refurbished PCBPWRDISTBKPLNF840 MOTHERBOARD/CENTERPLANE F840
110-0245011002450Netapp Refurbished F820 SYSTEM BOARD
110-03175-A311003175A3Netapp Refurbished 11003175A3 Dual SE Wide SCSI Adapter
110-0318611003186Netapp Refurbished 11003186 NETWORK APPLIANCE 110-03186 DUAL DIFF-WIDE SCSI CARD
108-0024210800242Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2TB 7.2K SATA DS4243 Disk Drive
HUA722020ALA330Netapp Refurbished 3.5" 2TB 7200RPM SATA Enterprise Hard Drive
111-00019+A211100019A2Netapp Refurbished 11100019A2 NETWORK APPLIANCE Single PORT HBA Host Bus Adapter PCI PK1E#1-B25-1C
111-00021+E011100021E0Netapp Refurbished 11100021E0 Network Appliance NVRAM4 with battery and memory
111-0002211100022Netapp New 11100022 NVRAM5 with Battery 512MB Memory Adapter Card
111-0002211100022Netapp Refurbished 11100022 NVRAM5 with Battery 512MB Memory Adapter Card
111-00022+D011100022D0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 with Battery 512MB Memory Adapter Card
111-00022+G011100022G0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 W/ BATTERY 512MB.
111-00022+H011100022H0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 RAID CNTRL W/512MB BATTERY
111-0002311100023Netapp Refurbished 11100023 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-00023+CO NVRAM4 ADAPTER
111-00023+C011100023C0Netapp Refurbished 11100023C0 NetApp R200 Server NVRAM4 Card 256MB PCI-X 111-00023+C0 201-000
111-0002411100024Netapp Refurbished 11100024 Adaptec ASC-39160 Dual Ultra160 PCI SCSI Adapter
111-00024+A111100024A1Netapp Refurbished 11100024A1 II
111-0003211100032Netapp Refurbished 11100032 111-00032 - CompactFlash Boot Card Adapter
111-0004211100042Netapp Refurbished 11100042 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-00042+A2 PCI ADAPTER
111-00042+A211100042A2Netapp Refurbished 11100042A2 NetApp JNI InfiniBand Dual 2GB PCI 111-00042+A2 IBP-1X02-N-NA
111-0005111100051Netapp Refurbished 11100051 111-00051 NetApp 2GB Dual Portss Fibre Fiber PCI-X
111-00051+B011100051B0Netapp Refurbished 11100051B0 NETAPP 111-00051+B0 PCIX FIRBE ADAPTER
111-0005811100058Netapp Refurbished 11100058 DUAL Fibre Fiber SERVER ADAPTER
111-0011311100113Netapp New 11100113 Netapp PCI-X Dual Port 2GB Fibre Fiber Controller New Pull
111-0011311100113Netapp Refurbished 11100113 Netapp PCI-X Dual Port 2GB Fibre Fiber Controller Pull
111-0013211100132Netapp New 11100132
111-0013811100138Netapp Refurbished NetApp PCI Sngl Memory Slot 512MB and Battery
111-00138+G011100138G0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM6 w/ Battery 512MB Memory
111-00161+B011100161B0Netapp Refurbished 11100161B0 E NATAPP 2GB Single Port Fibre Fiber PCI-X
111-0016311100163Netapp Refurbished NetApp PCI-X FCP 2-Port 4GB R6 Adapter
111-0016911100169Netapp Refurbished 11100169 SUB Assembly KEYED 60MM FAN
111-0018611100186Netapp Refurbished Storage Motherboard No Memory FAS3070
111-0019911100199Netapp Refurbished 11100199 111-00138+F0 NVRAM6 PCI SINGLE
111-00199+B011100199B0Netapp Refurbished 11100199B0 NVRAM 5 W/ BATTERY 512 MB MEMORY
111-0020011100200Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3020 Motherboard without Memory
111-00200+A211100200A2Netapp Refurbished Netapp SP-3945-R5 Motherboard FAS-3020
111-00200+B011100200B0Netapp Refurbished FAS3020 FILTER HEAD SYSTEM PLANAR
111-0020111100201Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3050 Motherboard No Memory
111-00203+B011100203B0Netapp Refurbished REMOTE LAN MODULE
11100204Netapp New NetApp 2 Prt Opti Tape PCI 4GB R6 HBA
111-00204+A111100204A1Netapp Refurbished NetApp Dual Port PCI-E 4Gb HBA
111-0022711100227Netapp Refurbished FAS270 Motherboard Controller Module
111-0023711100237Netapp Refurbished 11100237 NetApp FAS2020 Motherboard w/ Memory
111-0023811100238Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050 Motherboard w/ Memory
111-00238+G111100238G1Netapp Refurbished 11100238G1 FAS2050 Controller
111-0028511100285Netapp Refurbished QLE2464-NAP NETAPP 4GB Quad Port Fibre PCI-E
111-00285+A011100285A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 4-Port PCI-E 4Gb HBA
111-0028611100286Netapp Refurbished NetApp 4-Port Optical 4Gb PCI-X R5 HBA
111-0029311100293Netapp Refurbished 11100293 NetApp 10G NIC TOE 2P FC includes SFPs X1008A-R6
11100294Netapp New NETAPP LP11000 Fibre Fiber CHANNEL HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
111-0034111100341Netapp Refurbished 11100341 NetApp X2065A 6GB/s SAS PCI-E HBA Host Bus Adapter
111-0139211101392Netapp Refurbished 11101392 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-01392 PCI Fibre Fiber ADAPTER
111-0139811101398Netapp Refurbished 11101398 1GB FC PCI QLA2200G
111-0140011101400Netapp Refurbished 11101400 1GB FC PCI QLA2200G
111-0145711101457Netapp Refurbished 11101457 II
111-0174811101748Netapp Refurbished 11101748 Dual Fan hot plug cage DB
111-0175011101750Netapp Refurbished 11101750 Hot-Swap chassis fan Assembly DB
111-0208811102088Netapp Refurbished 11102088 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-02088 PCI NVRAM ADAPTER
111-02088+D011102088D0Netapp Refurbished 11102088D0 Network Appliance NVRAM4 with battery and memory
112-0003111200031Netapp Refurbished 11200031 9PIN TO HSSDC2
112-0004511200045Netapp Refurbished NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-BAP3-8CO
112-0004911200049Netapp Refurbished NetApp Shelf Cable
112-0005411200054Netapp Refurbished 112-00054 Console Adapter RJ45 TO DB9
112-00054+A011200054A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp RJ45-DB9 Console Cable
112-0008411200084Netapp Refurbished 11200084 NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Fiber Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-Bap3-14CO
112-00090+A011200090A0Netapp New Net APP Fc cable LC-LC 5M X6518A PK3C#3-B6-2COPK3C#7-1C
112-0011111200111Netapp Refurbished 11200111 DB9-DB9 NULL 15 LONG
112-0017711200177Netapp Refurbished 11200177 NetApp X6558-R6 SAS Cable 2 Meters p/n 112-00177
112-0017811200178Netapp New 11200178 NetApp X6559-R6 External SAS Cable QSFP Connector Type p/n 112-0
112-0160311201603Netapp Refurbished 11201603 Netapp DB9F to DB9F CABLE GP63B30-B4-3C
112-0310011203100Netapp Refurbished 2M CABLE PAIR LC-LC
114-0000411400004Netapp Refurbished 11400004 FAS940 Power Supply
114-00004+D011400004D0Netapp Refurbished 11400004D0 300-Watt hot swap power supplies
114-00004-N11400004NNetapp New 11400004N FAS980C Power Supply 300-Watt New Pull
114-0001211400012Netapp Refurbished 11400012 NetApp Ds14 440w Power Supply RS-PSU-450-AC1N
114-00012+C011400012C0Netapp Refurbished DS14 440W RPS Power Supply UnitRS-PSU-450-AC1N
114-00012+D011400012D0Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS14 440W Power Supply RS-PSU-450AC 1N
114-0001311400013Netapp Refurbished 11400013 650 watt hot swap power supply.
114-0001511400015Netapp Refurbished NetApp STD 110VAC 1100W 6XXX Srs Power Supply
114-00015+B011400015B0Netapp Refurbished 11400015B0 1064W P3R033 PSU Power Supply Unit
114-00015+D011400015D0Netapp Refurbished 11400015D0 1064W P3R033 PSU Power Supply Unit
114-0002111400021Netapp Refurbished 11400021 NetApp DS14MK2/DS14MK4 110/220V Power Supply
114-00021+A011400021A0Netapp Refurbished 11400021A0 NetApp 440W AC Redundant Power Supply Unit
114-0002411400024Netapp Refurbished 11400024 NETAPP FAS3020 650W POWER SUPPLY
114-00024+A011400024A0Netapp Refurbished 650W FAS3040 FAS3070 PSU Power Supply
114-00024+A111400024A1Netapp Refurbished POWER SUPPLY MODULE FAS3040
114-0004111400041Netapp Refurbished NetApp AC 855W Power Supply w/ Fans
114-00041+C511400041C5Netapp Refurbished FAS2050 855 Watts power supply 03/08/15 KDr
114-0005311400053Netapp Refurbished 11400053 NetApp PSU Power Supply Unit for DS14MK2-AT Disk Shelf
114-00053+A011400053A0Netapp Refurbished 440W DS14MK2 PSU Power Supply
114-00055+A011400055A0Netapp Refurbished 11400055A0 891WATT Power Supply FOR FAS3140
114-0006311400063Netapp Refurbished NetApp X758-R5 850W AC FAS3100 Srs PS
114-0006511400065Netapp Refurbished NetApp 750W AC PSU Power Supply w/ Fans DS2246
114-0007011400070Netapp Refurbished NetApp PSU Power Supply w/Fans 580W AC DS4243 R6
430-0001743000017Netapp Refurbished Netapp 2020/2040 Chassis w/o PSU or controller
DS4243-1511-24S-QS-RDS4243151124SQSRNetapp Refurbished Ds4243-1511-24s-qs-r Ds4243 W/24x 450gb 15k Sas X411a-r5 Raw
116-0001811600018Netapp Refurbished 11600018 R100 Series Cabinet
116-0007811600078Netapp Refurbished 11600078 Netapp Shelter 42U
FAS3210ANetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3210A Dual Controller 5006419033 3x Fans 441-00025 3x
X64015A-ESH4-QS-R5X64015AESH4QSR5Netapp Refurbished DS14MK4 Shelf w/ 14x 600GB 15K
74672-067467206Netapp Refurbished NETAPP HDD TRAY SATA-FC
106-00026+D010600026D0Netapp Refurbished 2GB ESH MODULE COPPER-COPPER
DS2246-28.8TB-QS-R6DS2246288TBQSR6Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS2246 24x X425A-R5 1.2TB 10K SAS 2.5
X559A-R6X559AR6Netapp Refurbished NtApp DS2246 24Bay 2.5 SFF SAS Dsk Shlf
X519A-R6X519AR6Netapp Refurbished NetApp 750W AC PSU Power Supply w/ Fans DS2246
X877B-R6X877BR6Netapp Refurbished X877BR6 NetApp X877B-R6 Cabinet Rail Kit II R6
X3188A-R6X3188AR6Netapp Refurbished NetApp X3188A-R5 DIMM ECC 512MB Sys Mem
X1846-R6X1846R6Netapp Refurbished NVRAM Battery - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
X217Netapp Refurbished 4.3GB 5400RPM HDD
X3541-R5X3541R5Netapp Refurbished FAS3160/FAS3170 Ctlr 111-00351 - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
X3942-R5X3942R5Netapp Refurbished FAS6080 Motherboard/CPU - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
X80063-R6X80063R6Netapp Refurbished FAS3140C Bezel FcPlt 111-00356 - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
108-0022610800226Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K RPM SAS HDD FAS2020
X5713A-R6X5713AR6Netapp New X5713AR6 NetApp X5713A-R6 IOM3 6Gb SAS RoHS 6/6 compliant Controller Modu
111-0073311100733Netapp Refurbished DS4243 PSU Power Supply BLANK FILLER 111-00526
73929-0018739290018Netapp Refurbished NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-BAP3-8CO
FAS2040ANetapp Refurbished NetApp Filer Cluster Dual Controllers
X480A-R6X480AR6Netapp Refurbished 2x 4TB 7.2K Disk Carrier for DS4486
X3245Netapp Refurbished NetApp Controller Module FAS270
108-0023110800231Netapp Refurbished DS4243 BLANK DISK FILLER X5051-R6
111-0073211100732Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 CONTROLLER MODULE BLANK
111-0001611100016Netapp Refurbished FAS250 Controller Module
111-00693+F311100693F3Netapp Refurbished Controller FAS3240-CNTLR-INT-R6
FAS3160Netapp Refurbished FAS3160 Dual Controller Dual Power with Bezel
108-0018210800182Netapp Refurbished NetApp 750GB 7.2K SATA FAS2020 Dsk Drive
112-0012011200120Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 2M Optical Cable LC - LC
FAS270CNetapp Refurbished NetApp Clustered FAS270 14 Bay Filer Encloser+rail kit Cable
200-0157920001579Netapp New 20001579 Control board for net Application server F720
200-0157920001579Netapp Refurbished 20001579 Control board for net Application server F720
200-0177520001775Netapp Refurbished 20001775 Front panel led lcd assembly for F720 net Application server
200-0313120003131Netapp Refurbished 20003131 Netapp Dual Diff-Wide SCSI 200-03131 Controller Card
201-0000620100006Netapp Refurbished 20100006 NetApp R200 Server NVRAM4 Card 256MB PCI-X 111-00023 Rev.B0 201
201-0208520102085Netapp Refurbished 20102085 NETAPP NVRAM CARD 110-02091 REV.A0 201-02085 REV.E
332-0000833200008Netapp Refurbished Copper-fiber converter for 4X IB fiber
82899-038289903Netapp Refurbished AT-FCX CONTROLLER MODULE
X1972A-R5X1972AR5Netapp Refurbished Flash Cache 1TB PCI-E Module
X1974A-R6X1974AR6Netapp Refurbished Flash Cache 1TB PCIe Module 2 FAS6280
89767-028976702Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DSK14/MK2 DISK ARRAY ENCLOSURE PAL220
X3149-R6X3149R6Netapp Refurbished NVRAM8 Card With 4GB Memory No Battery
69813-116981311Netapp Refurbished DS14MK4 Esh4 Controller Module
82899-068289906Netapp Refurbished AT-FCX CONTROLLER
82897-038289703Netapp Refurbished ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
271-0001027100010Netapp Refurbished NVRAM BATTERY FAS2020 CONTROLLER
211-0168221101682Netapp Refurbished 21101682 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-0168321101683Netapp Refurbished 21101683 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-0168421101684Netapp Refurbished 21101684 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-0168521101685Netapp Refurbished 21101685 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-0169221101692Netapp Refurbished 21101692 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-0169321101693Netapp Refurbished 21101693 Video Tape Net Application Storage
108-0023310800233Netapp Refurbished NetApp 450GB 15K SAS Hard Disk Drive
112-0006211200062Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 5M OPTICAL CABLE LC - LC
93631-029363102Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DSK14/MK4 DISK ARRAY ENCLOSURE PAL220
FAS3160ANetapp Refurbished FAS3160 Single Controller Dual Power with Bezel
FAS960CNetapp Refurbished Network Appliance NetApp FAS960C Enterprise Filer Head System l
FAS6030Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS6030 Filer Head Unit
VTL1400Netapp Refurbished Netapp Nearstore VTL1400 appliance
FAS2050Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050 with Single Controller and 2x PSU Power Supply - No disk FAS20
X1936A-R5X1936AR5Netapp Refurbished X1936AR5 Netapp 16GB PCIe 111-00360 PISCES Accelerator X1936A-R5
X3945Netapp Refurbished NetApp X3945-R5 111-00200 FAS3020 Motherboard Controller Module
FAS6080Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS6080 Filer Head Unit
FAS2020Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2020 with Single Controller and 2x PSU Power Supply - No Disk FAS20
X6556-R6X6556R6Netapp Refurbished NetApp Optical LC/LC SFPs 5M Patch Cable
X3148-R5X3148R5Netapp Refurbished IBM NetApp Nvram6 X3148-R5 PCIe w 2GB Card 111-00127-F0
F810Netapp Refurbished NetApp F810 Filer Head Unit
X1927A-R6X1927AR6Netapp Refurbished X1927AR6 NETAPP PCI-E FC-8GB METROCLUSTER HBA Host Bus Adapter
X1008A-R6X1008AR6Netapp Refurbished X1008AR6 NetApp 2-Port 10GbE NIC ( Network Interface Card ) TOE Fibre Channel Fiber Channel X1008A-R6
FAS3070Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3070 Cluster Filer Dual Power
FAS6070Netapp Refurbished FAS6070 FILER HEAD CONTROLLER
FAS3050Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3050 Filer Head
X6569-R6X6569R6Netapp Refurbished SFP+ FOR X1117AOPTICAL10GBER6
FAS3020CNetapp Refurbished NETAPP FAS3020C Cluster Capable Filer Network Appliance
X412ANetapp Refurbished NetApp Original X412A-R5 600GB 15K SAS Hard Disk for DS4243 Shel
X308A-R5X308AR5Netapp Refurbished X308AR5 Netapp X308A-R5 3TB SATA Disk for DS4243 SP-308A-R5 SP-308A-R6
110-0009211000092Netapp Refurbished Netapp X3940A-R5 FAS980 Motherboard No Mem R5
108-00180+A210800180A2Netapp Refurbished NETAPP SATA TO FC DISK TRAY ONLY
243-650812243650812Netapp Refurbished 243650812 MOTHERBOARD DUAL XEON NETAPPLIANCE DG7GFR243-650812-A-0112
111-0029711100297Netapp Refurbished FAS2020 cntrlmod filler pnl
FAS-V32XX-EXP-R6FASV32XXEXPR6Netapp Refurbished FAS-V32XX-EXP-R6 Expansion Module
X800ENetapp Refurbished POWER CABLE
X558A-R6X558AR6Netapp Refurbished DS4243/6 Empty Shelf w/o PSU Power Supply
X800E-R6X800ER6Netapp New 5-15P-C13 POWER CORD 6 FT 112-00066
112-0019511200195Netapp New NetApp Ethernet ACP RJ45 CAT6 X6561-R6 Cable 112-00195+A0
DSX-14.0TB-QS-R5DSX140TBQSR5Netapp Refurbished DS14MK2 SHLF14. 0TB 14x1TB SATAQSR5
X477A-R6X477AR6Netapp Refurbished 4TB 7.2K SATA Disk Drive for DS4246 FAS2220 FAS2240
107-00038+A010700038A0Netapp Refurbished NETAPP X3187-R5 107-00038+A0 2GB FAS3140 FAS3160 FAS3170 DIMM Me
X1047B-R6X1047BR6Netapp Refurbished NetApp X1047B-R6 Network Adapter Card
271-00020+A027100020A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 6-Cell Battery
441-00025+A044100025A0Netapp Refurbished FAS3240 FAN TRAY ASSY
X518A-R6X518AR6Netapp New NetApp PSU Power Supply w/ Fans 580W AC for DS4243 DS4246 DS4486 DS2246 Dr
271-0000227100002Netapp Refurbished 27100002 Netapp NVRAM Controller Battery
82-562-118256211Netapp Refurbished DS4243 580W Power supply
106-0020110600201Netapp Refurbished NetApp Nic 4 Port Copper GBe Pci-x NEW
FAS3140A-CHASSIS-R5FAS3140ACHASSISR5Netapp Refurbished FAS3140ACT-ACTChassisAC PS-CR5
FAS-3240-CNTLR-R6FAS3240CNTLRR6Netapp Refurbished FAS3240 CONTROLLER R6
FAS6070CNetapp Refurbished Fas6070-Base-R5-C R5 Filer Configure to Order
31589-133158913Netapp Refurbished 3158913 DBP MODULE FOR NETAPP RAID SYSTEMS
31589-173158917Netapp Refurbished 3158917 DB9 MODULE FOR NETAPP RAID SYSTEMS
X1117ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1117A-R6 NIC 2-Port Bare Cage SFP+ 10GbE PCIe Network Ad
X3946-R5X3946R5Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3050 Motherboard No Memory
X1941ANetapp Refurbished 5M CLUSTER CABLE 112-00077
YM-2751AYM2751ANetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2040 Power Supply
332-0000633200006Netapp Refurbished 33200006 Netapp 2gbps SW SFP Transceiver
332-0001133200011Netapp Refurbished 4GB SW FC SFP
332-00011+A033200011A0Netapp Refurbished 332-00011+A0 Finisair 4.25Gb/s Optical Tranceiver
332-00278R633200278R6Netapp Refurbished 8Gbps SFP+ Optical Transceiver Short Wave 850nm LC Connector 3
46Y0296Netapp Refurbished 450GB SAS 15KRPM 6Gbsp 3.5 inch internal drive NEW
46Y0297Netapp Refurbished 450GB SAS 15KRPM 6Gbsp 3.5 inch internal drive NEW
HUS154545VLS300Netapp Refurbished 450GB SAS 15KRPM 6Gbps 3.5 LP NEW FOR NETAPP X289A-R5
RS-LRC-F4-SBD-NARSLRCF4SBDNANetapp Refurbished XYR P/N 69813-13 NA P/N 106-00199+CO
SP273BNetapp Refurbished 72GB 15K FC-AL Universal Disk Drive
SP-289A-R5SP289AR5Netapp Refurbished 450GB SAS 15KRPM 6Gbsp 3.5 inch internal drive NEW
X1849A-R5X1849AR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp NVMEM Battery for FAS2050
X261Netapp Refurbished 250GB 5400 RPM ATA DISK DRIVE
X6518A-R6X6518AR6Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 5M Optical Cable LC - LC
X6599A-R6-CX6599AR6CNetapp Refurbished SFP+ Optical 10Gb SW FAS80X0
X80061A-R6X80061AR6Netapp Refurbished BEZEL FAS2020/FAS2040 111-00236
430-00048+B043000048B0Netapp Refurbished DS4243 CHASSIS
108-0008810800088Netapp Refurbished Netapp 500GB SATA 7.2K DS14MK2-AT Dsk Dr
111-0012711100127Netapp Refurbished NetApp X3148-R5 NVRAM6 2GB R5 Cntrllr
114-0008811400088Netapp Refurbished 440W Power Supply DS14MK2/4
112-01781120178Netapp Refurbished 5M SAS CABLE QSFP
X1006A-R5X1006AR5Netapp Refurbished NIC TOE PCI-E Quad-port GbE copper
430-0000943000009Netapp Refurbished 43000009 STORAGESHELF ATA Fibre Fiber ARRAY
430-0001043000010Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS14 MK2 FC 14 bay rack. DS14MK2 146GB 300GB drives ava
43000010+C043000010C0Netapp Refurbished 43000010C0 14 DRIVE Fibre Fiber ARRAY CHASSIS
430-00018+B043000018B0Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS14 MK2 DRIVE ARRAY
430-00019+B043000019B0Netapp Refurbished DS14-MK2 14-SLOT FC DISK SHELF
430-00028+A043000028A0Netapp Refurbished FC DRIVE ARRAY W/ 14X300GB
430-00094300009Netapp Refurbished 4300009 DS14MK2 AT Shelf
43648-154364815Netapp Refurbished 4364815 2GB ESH MODULE COPPER-COPPER
440-0000344000003Netapp Refurbished 44000003 NetApp X5604A R1XX Storage Shelf Blower 440-00003 REV A1
441-0000144100001Netapp New 44100001 Hot Swap System Fan Module Kit
441-0000144100001Netapp Refurbished 44100001 Hot Swap System Fan Module Kit
441-00001+C044100001C0Netapp Refurbished 44100001C0 441-00001+C0 NETAPP FAN MODULE FOR NEARSTONE R200
441-0000644100006Netapp Refurbished 44100006 FAN
441-00007+A044100007A0Netapp Refurbished X8531 FAN ASSY HOT SWAP FAS30X0
441-00008+C144100008C1Netapp Refurbished 441-00008+C1 X8532-R5 Blower Fan Assembly Hot Swap
441-00012+A044100012A0Netapp Refurbished 441-00012+A0 FAS3070 Hot Swap Fan Assembly
441-00020+A244100020A2Netapp Refurbished 44100020A2 NETAPP FAN MODULE FOR FAS3140
441-00020+A344100020A3Netapp Refurbished FAS31X0 FAN TRAY ASSBLY
441-0002744100027Netapp Refurbished NetApp Fan Assy for 6200/3100/SA620 Srs
441-0175044101750Netapp Refurbished 44101750 SP-6203C FAN FOR STORAGESHELF FC9
44192-08A4419208ANetapp Refurbished 4419208A 440 WATTS POWER SUPPLY - RS-PSU-450-AC1N
44192-09B4419209BNetapp Refurbished Used 4419209B POWER SUPPLY RS-PSU-450-AC1N
443-0000144300001Netapp Refurbished 44300001 NETAPP R200 LCD OPERATOR CONTROL PANEL
443-0000344300003Netapp Refurbished 44300003 LCD Panel Assembly FAS/C/2XXX/3XXX
443-0000644300006Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS30X0/C3300/C2300 LCD Panl Assy
443-00006+A044300006A0Netapp Refurbished 44300006A0 NetApp LCD Panel Assembly 443-00006+A0
443-00014430001Netapp Refurbished 4430001 NetApp R-200 FAS960 Front Panel LCD w/Board 443-00001
443-0006+A04430006A0Netapp Refurbished 4430006A0 Netapp FAS3020 FRONT LCD AND FAN Assembly
44443-054444305Netapp Refurbished 4444305 DS14MK2 AT Shelf
44515-084451508Netapp Refurbished DS14 MK2 FC ARRAY
45568-114556811Netapp Refurbished 4556811 DS14 Storage Controller Module
DS4243Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS4243 Shelf 2x PSU Power Supply X518A-R6 2x IOM3 Controllers X5712A-R
49032-044903204Netapp Refurbished 4903204 NETAPP 146GB Hard Drive 10000RPM FC Drive with Tray
501-0038750100387Netapp Refurbished 1GB FLASH CARD
X758-R5X758R5Netapp Refurbished X758R5 Netapp FAS3140 FAS3160 FAS3170 Power Supply
52105-055210505Netapp Refurbished NetApp AT-FCX Controller Module
SP290A-R5SP290AR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K RPM SAS for FAS2020
58410-055841005Netapp Refurbished 5841005 NetApp ESH2 Controller Module 106-00076+E0
5A320J00816D3Netapp Refurbished 320GB ATA/133 Hard Drive W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 AT
FAS3040Netapp Refurbished FAS3040 Single Ctrlr FIler - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
60-000001906000000190Netapp Refurbished 6000000190 Netapp FAS2050 Midplane Board
61320-076132007Netapp Refurbished AT-FC2 CONTROLLER FOR DS14-MK2
65228-046522804Netapp Refurbished ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
64362-04D6436204DNetapp Refurbished 6436204D 440W PSU Power Supply Unit
65228-056522805Netapp Refurbished 6522805 NetApp ESH2 Controller Module 106-00100+A0
65667-02A6566702ANetapp Refurbished NetApp DS14 MK2 440W Power Supply
69001979-F00-NTA-T69001979F00NTATNetapp Refurbished 2GB PC3200 184P DDR DIMM
69813-126981312Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS14MK4 ESH4 4G 4Gbps I/O Module
FAS3070CNetapp Refurbished FAS3040 Dual Controller Chassis
7083RNetapp New
72318-077231807Netapp Refurbished 7231807 AT-FCX Controller Module 106-00101+C0
111-0029011100290Netapp Refurbished NetApp 111-00290+A0 X1124A-R6 HBA FC- Virtual Interface 2- Port
73929-0024739290024Netapp Refurbished 739290024 NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Fiber Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-Bap3-14CO
73929-0036739290036Netapp Refurbished NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-BAP3-2CO
RS-1404-300GB10KRS1404300GB10KNetapp Refurbished NETAPP DS14 MK4 RS-1404 WITH 2X EHS4 4GB MODULES 2X PS AND 14 X
RS-1404-300GB15KRS1404300GB15KNetapp Refurbished NETAPP DS14 MK4 RS-1404 WITH 2X EHS4 4GB MODULES 2X PS AND 14 X
RS-1404-750GBRS1404750GBNetapp Refurbished NETAPP DS14 MK4 RS-1404 WITH 2X EHS4 4GB MODULES 2X PS AND 14 X
X1132A-R6X1132AR6Netapp Refurbished HBA PCI-E 4-PORT 8Gb FC Adapter
76605-027660502Netapp Refurbished DS14-MK2 14-SLOT FC DISK SHELF
856-851020-001856851020001Netapp Refurbished 856851020001 300-Watt POWER SUPPLY FOR NEARSTORE R2
856-851129-001856851129001Netapp Refurbished 856851129001 1064W P3R033 PSU Power Supply Unit
92097-039209703Netapp Refurbished 9209703 NetApp Hard Drive Caddy for 3.5-inch Fibre Fiber Channel Drives Mfr P/
94443-029444302Netapp Refurbished 9444302 NETAPP DS14MK2 440W POWER SUPPLY
948-00019480001Netapp Refurbished 9480001 NETAPP Quad 10/100Base-T PCI ETHERNET CARD
9X2004-0389X2004038Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144F 146GB FC 10K.7 RPM Seagate Cheetah disk drive ST3146
A46044-609A46044609Netapp Refurbished A46044609 NETWORK APPLIANCE A46044-609 C1200 DUAL P3 PGA370 FSB133 Motherboard
AA23410-GAA23410GNetapp Refurbished AA23410G 440W DS14 PSU Power Supply Unit
AA24060LNetapp Refurbished 440W PSU Power Supply
C1100ANetapp Refurbished NetApp C1100A NetCache C1100 1 x 9GB
C6100Netapp Refurbished NetApp NetCache C6100 Proxy Server
CP-1103R2CP1103R2Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2020 Power Supply CP-1103R2 3Y POWER TECHNOLOGY YM-275 03/14/15 EG
CP-1266R2CP1266R2Netapp Refurbished CP1266R2 Netapp FAS2050 Power Supply
DISK-1810F-10-NF4DISK1810F10NF4Netapp Refurbished DISK1810F10NF4 NetApp 18Gb FC. Disk + Bracket HEM3E11-BAP-2COFW:NA00
DK32EJ-72FCDK32EJ72FCNetapp Refurbished DK32EJ72FC 72GB Fibre Fiber Channel w/ NetApp tray
DS14MK2Netapp Refurbished NetApp 14 Bay FC Storage Shelf w/ESH Module Cables Rackmount
DS14MK2/14X144DS14MK214X144Netapp Refurbished DS14MK214X144 DS14MK2 DUAL P/S AND FANS 14X144GB disks
DS14MK2-FCDS14MK2FCNetapp Refurbished DS14MK2FC NETAPP 14Bay FC Storage Shelf
DS14MK4-FCDS14MK4FCNetapp Refurbished DS14MK4FC DS14MK4 FC Disk Shelf 1/2/4GB
DS2229TNetapp Refurbished NETWORK APPLIANCE DS2229TCMOS 1MB 80-Pin SIMM
DS2246Netapp Refurbished NetApp X559A-R6 24 Bay Chassis 2PSU 2IOM6
DS4246Netapp Refurbished NetApp 24-Bay SAS/SATA 6GB Disk Shelf
DSX-10.5TB-R5-CDSX105TBR5CNetapp Refurbished DSX105TBR5C DS14MK2 SHLF10.5TB SATA14x750
DSX-14.0TB-R5-CDSX140TBR5CNetapp Refurbished DSX140TBR5C DS14MK2 Shelf 14.0TB SATA-CR5
DSX-28.0TB-R5-CDSX280TBR5CNetapp Refurbished DSX280TBR5C DS14MK2 Shelf 28.0TB SATA-CR5
EMA-XF500-201-G1EMAXF500201G1Netapp Refurbished EMAXF500201G1 EUROLOGIC 106-01828 2-PORT SERIAL I/O MODULE LRC FC9
EMA-XF500-206-AEMAXF500206ANetapp Refurbished EMAXF500206A Netapp FC9 VEM Temperature Module HEM3E6-BAP-6CO/1C
EMA-XF500-207AEMAXF500207ANetapp Refurbished EMAXF500207A NetAPP FAN Module GP63B4/5/6/7-BAP-24C
ESH2Netapp Refurbished DS14 DS14MK2 Controller
ESH4Netapp Refurbished NetApp ESH4 Switching Hub Module for DS14mk4
F740Netapp Refurbished Net Application F740 Head
F820CNetapp Refurbished NET Application F820C
F825Netapp Refurbished NetApp F825 Filer Head
FAS2240-4FAS22404Netapp Netapp Storage Array
FAS270Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS270 14Bay Filer Encloser+rail kit Cables.No drives single 1200
FAS3020-R5FAS3020R5Netapp New FAS3020R5 IN STK-NEWORK STORAGE 14X146G ST3146707FC
FAS3140Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3140 Single Controller Dual Power
FAS3140ANetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3140 Active-Active Dual Cntrlr
FAS3140CNetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS 3140C Dual Controller Dual Power
FAS3160CNetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3160 DUAL Controller Dual Power
FAS3170ANetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS317 Dual Controller Unit
FAS3240Netapp Refurbished Netapp FAS3240 Netapp filer with single controller
FAS3240AENetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3240A with Dual Cntrlrs IOXM
FAS940Netapp Refurbished FAS940 Enterprise Storage Controller
FAS940CNetapp Refurbished 2 x FAS940 Filer Heads
FAS980CNetapp New NetApp FAS980c Filers Cluster Network Appliance FAS980
FAS980POWERSUPPLYNetapp New FAS980C Power Supply 300-Watt New Pull
FFB1212EHENetapp Refurbished NetApp 441-00012+A0 Fan Assembly for FAS3050C FFB1212EHE
GN1020001-01AGN102000101ANetapp Refurbished GN102000101A NETWORK APPLIANCE Single PORT HBA Host Bus Adapter PCI PK1E#1-B25-1C
HB-PCM01-580-ACHBPCM01580ACNetapp Refurbished HBPCM01580AC 580W HB-PCM01-580-AC
IBP-1X02-N-NAIBP1X02NNANetapp Refurbished IBP1X02NNA NetApp JNI InfiniBand Dual 2GB PCI 111-00042+A2 IBP-1X02-N-NA
LC-HSSDC2LCHSSDC2Netapp Refurbished Notebook Laptop Case - Memory Foam Neoprene - Pea Green
LP10000Netapp Refurbished Emulex/NetApp LightPulse2Gb/PCI-X HP-sin
LP10000-NAPLP10000NAPNetapp Refurbished LP10000NAP E LP10000-NAP NATAPP 2GB Single Port Fibre Fiber PCI-X
MEC-XL500-109-D-MSMECXL500109DMSNetapp Refurbished MECXL500109DMS NetAPP FAN Module GP63B4/5/6/7-BAP-24C
NA110-01801NA11001801Netapp Refurbished NA11001801 System Board ( Motherboard ) with cpu rev N6 for net Application server f720
NA110-01803NA11001803Netapp Refurbished NA11001803
NAC-0501NAC0501Netapp Refurbished 42U GREY RACK W/BEIGE DOOR
NVRAM5Netapp Refurbished Netapp X3145A NVRAM-5 Card With Battery NVRAM-5
P3R025Netapp Refurbished 300-Watt P3R025 PSU Power Supply Unit
PC1602HNetapp Refurbished Front LED and LCD Panel
QLE2462-A-NAPQLE2462ANAPNetapp Refurbished QLE2462ANAP E QLE2462-A-NAP NETAPP SANBlade 4GB Dual Ports Fibre Fiber PCI-E
QLE2462-NAPQLE2462NAPNetapp Refurbished QLE2462NAP QLE2462-NAP NETAPP SANBlade 4GB Dual Ports Fibre Fiber PCI-E
QLE2462-N-NAPQLE2462NNAPNetapp Refurbished QLE2462NNAP QLE2462-N-NAP NETAPP SANBlade 4GB Dual Ports Fibre Fiber PCI-E
QLE2464-NAPQLE2464NAPNetapp New QLE2464NAP QLE2464-NAP NETAPP 4GB Quad Port Fibre Fiber PCIE PCI-Express
QLE2464-NAPQLE2464NAPNetapp Refurbished QLE2464NAP QLE2464-NAP NETAPP 4GB Quad Port Fibre Fiber PCIE PCI-Express
QLE2464-T-NAPQLE2464TNAPNetapp New QLE2464TNAP QLE2464-T-NAP NETAPP 4GB Quad Port Fibre Fiber PCI-E
QLE2562-A-NAPQLE2562ANAPNetapp New QLE2562ANAP E QLE2562-N-NAP NETAPP SANBlade 8GB Dual Port Fibre Fiber PCI-E
QLE2562-NAPQLE2562NAPNetapp QLE2562-NAP NETAPP SANBlade 8GB Dual Port Fibre PCI-E
QLE2562-N-NAPQLE2562NNAPNetapp New QLE2562NNAP E QLE2562-N-NAP NETAPP SANBlade 8GB Dual Port Fibre Fiber PCI-E
R1000Netapp Refurbished Storageshelf 12 Bay
R200Netapp Refurbished NETAPP R200 STORAGE SYSTEM
R200-NR200NNetapp Refurbished R200N Netapp R200 Filer
RA-1402RA1402Netapp Refurbished RA1402 DS14MK2 AT Shelf
RS-1400-FCRS1400FCNetapp Refurbished RS1400FC 14 BAY Fibre Fiber Channel DISK ARRARY
RS-1404RS1404Netapp Refurbished DS14MK2 Disk Shelf
RS-PSU-450-ACRSPSU450ACNetapp Refurbished RSPSU450AC NetApp DS14 440W Power Supply RS-PSU-450AC 1N
RS-PSU-450-AC1RSPSU450AC1Netapp Refurbished RSPSU450AC1 NETAPP DS-14 AC Power Supply
RS-PSU-450-AC1NRSPSU450AC1NNetapp Refurbished RSPSU450AC1N 450-Watts POWER SUPPLY
S500Netapp Refurbished S500N500 STORVAULT STORAGE SERVER
S500/N500S500N500Netapp Refurbished NetApp StoreVault S500/N500 Storage server only 03/10/15 DG
SP-1201SP1201Netapp Refurbished SP1201 NETWORK APPLIANCE SP-1201 DUAL PCI ATM Fiber Fibre Port ADAPTER
SP-20011ASP20011ANetapp Refurbished SP20011A NETWORK APPLIANCE SP-20011A DUAL CHANNEL FN/W PCI QLogic ISP102
SP-2017SP2017Netapp Refurbished SP2017 NETWORK APPLIANCE SP-2017 SINGLE CHANNEL F/W PCI QLogic ISP1040
SP-266-R5SP266R5Netapp Refurbished SP266R5 Netapp 320GB SATA Drive with Tray
SP-267-R5SP267R5Netapp Refurbished SP267R5 500GB SATA 3GBPS 3.5 w/tray SP-267-R5
SP-274B-R5SP274BR5Netapp Refurbished SP274BR5 144GB Hard Drive 10000RPM 3GBPS w/tray X274-SP-274
SP-302A-R5SP302AR5Netapp Refurbished SP302AR5 NetApp 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA Disk Drive
SP-306A-R6SP306AR6Netapp New SP306AR6 2TB SATA 7200 RPM
SP594-1ASP5941ANetapp Refurbished SP5941A 650 watt hot swap power supply.
SP-70052ASP70052ANetapp Refurbished SP70052A NETWORK APPLIANCE SP-70052A 300-Watts POWER SUPPLY 115V/230-Volt
SP707-Y01ASP707Y01ANetapp Refurbished 891WATT P/S FOR FAS3140
SP707-Z02ASP707Z02ANetapp Refurbished 891W FAS3270 PSU Power Supply
ST336607FCNetapp Refurbished Network Appliance carrier with Seagat Cheetah Drive 36F 36GB
V3020Netapp Refurbished V3020 VSERIES FILER
X1002Netapp Refurbished NETWORK APPLIANCE X1002 QUAD 10/100Base-T PCI CARD
X1005A-R5X1005AR5Netapp Refurbished X1005AR5 NIC ( Network Interface Card ) TOE1-PORT10GBEFIPCI-XR5
X1007A-R5X1007AR5Netapp Refurbished X1007AR5 NetApp NIC ( Network Interface Card ) TOE QUAD PORT GigE CU PCI-X R5
X1012ANetapp New NetApp X1012 Quad Ethernet Controller
X1012BNetapp Refurbished NETAPP Quad 10/100Base-T PCI Ethernet Card
X1012CNetapp Refurbished 4-Port 10Base-T 100 TX
X1025ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1025A Optical Gigabit Ethernet Card SP-1025A
X1025BNetapp Refurbished NetApp X1025B Optical Gigabit Ethernet Card SP-1025B
X1025CNetapp Refurbished INTEL GIGABIT CARD 1000B-SX OPTI
X1025DNetapp Refurbished NetApp X1025D Optical GBE ( Gigabit Ethernet ) Card SP-1025D -
X1026ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1026A Gigabit Ethernet Controller for F85 optical
X1028B-R6X1028BR6Netapp Refurbished X1028BR6 NetApp PCI-X Adapter FCP 2-PORT 4Gb R6
X1030ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1030A SP-1030A Hot-Swap Fan Network Appliance
X1031ANetapp Refurbished SBus PCMCIA Controller Card 501-2367
X1035BRNetapp Refurbished INTEL PRO/1000 MF DUAL PORT ADAPTER PCI-X D33025 PB C3
X1035BR5Netapp Refurbished X1035BR5 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet card
X1037Netapp Refurbished NetApp X1037 Dual Port GBE ( Gigabit Ethernet ) Controller SP-1037 -
X1037BNetapp Refurbished NetApp X1037B Dual PortGB Ethernet Controller SP-1037B
X1037C-R6X1037CR6Netapp Refurbished X1037CR6 NetApp X1037C-R6 NIC2-Port GbECopperPCI -XR6
X1038A-R6X1038AR6Netapp Refurbished X1038AR6 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet PCIE PCI-Express Card
X1039A-R6X1039AR6Netapp Refurbished X1039AR6 Network Appliance X1039A-R6 Dual GbE PCIe Card R6
X1047Netapp Refurbished X1047 NETAPP PRO/1000 MT Quad Port Server Adapter
X1047-R5X1047R5Netapp Refurbished X1047R5 Quad port 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet card R5
X1049ANetapp Refurbished Network Appliance X1049A-R6 Quad GBE ( Gigabit Ethernet ) PCIE PCI-Express Card -
X1049A-R5X1049AR5Netapp Refurbished QUAD PORT GBE PCIE RJ45 106-00200
X1049A-R6X1049AR6Netapp Refurbished X1049AR6 NetApp 106-00200 Quad Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Controller Copper
X1049B-R6X1049BR6Netapp Refurbished 4-PORT RJ45 GBE II PCIE 111-00865
X1085ANetapp New NetApp X1085A Fibre Fiber Channel FCP HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
X1085ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1085A Fibre Fiber Channel FCP HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
X1085A-R5X1085AR5Netapp Refurbished X1085AR5 Emulex 2GB Solaris Fibre Fiber Host Adapter boxed FC1020055-05
X1107A-R6X1107AR6Netapp Refurbished X1107AR6 NetApp X1107A-R6 NIC2-port10GbEBareCage SFP+stylePCI-e Card
X1111A-R6X1111AR6Netapp New X1111AR6
X1117A-R6X1117AR6Netapp Refurbished X1117AR6 NetApp X1117A-R6 NICII 2- Port Bare Cage 10GbE SFP+ PCIe
X1128A-R6X1128AR6Netapp Refurbished X1128AR6 TARGET ADPTRQLE2462 4GB Fibre Fiber Channel
X1129ANetapp Refurbished Network Appliance X1129A-R5 Dual iSCSI Adapter -
X1130A-R6X1130AR6Netapp Refurbished Quad 4Gb PCI-E HBA Host Bus Adaptor
X1131ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1131A-R6 Adapter 2-Port FCP Target 8Gb PCI-e 111-00480 +
X1131A-R6X1131AR6Netapp Refurbished X1131AR6 NetApp X1130A-R6 2-Port 8Gb PCI-e FCP Target Card
X1140A-R6X1140AR6Netapp Refurbished X1140AR6 NetApp X1140A-R6 Adapter 2-Port Unified Target Cu 10GbE SFP+ PCI
X1421-R5X1421R5Netapp Refurbished X1421R5 STATUS PANEL NETAPP FAS3020FAS3050C2300C3300V3020V3050
X1558A-R6X1558AR6Netapp Refurbished X1558AR6 NetApp X1558A-R6 48-Inch Cabinet Component Power Cable R6
X1852-R5X1852R5Netapp New X1852R5 NetApp Branded Brocade BR-7500 with 18 SFP
X1900ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1900A Servernet 1.5C Cluster Card
X1920ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1920A Troika Optical Cluster Card SP-1920A
X1926ANetapp Refurbished E X1926A NETAPP SANBlade 4GB Dual Ports Fibre Fiber PCI-E
X1937A-R5X1937AR5Netapp Refurbished X1937AR5 NetApp X1937A-R5 256GB ADPT Performance Acceleration Module II
X1938A-R5X1938AR5Netapp Refurbished X1938AR5 NetApp X1938A-R5 Flash Cache 512GB PCIe Card
X1941A-R6X1941AR6Netapp Refurbished X1941AR6 NetApp 5M Cable Cluster 4X Cu R6
X2023CNetapp Refurbished DUAL CHANNEL Ultra160 SCSI LVD
X2027ANetapp Refurbished PCI-X DUAL CHANNEL Ultra320 LVD SE
X2027B-R5X2027BR5Netapp Refurbished X2027BR5 Dual Channel SCSI LVD Adapter
X2044ANetapp Refurbished 2-Channel Optical FC adapter-disk
X2044BNetapp Refurbished NetApp Dual Optical X2044B Controller SP-2044B -
X2050ANetapp Refurbished X2050A NetApp 2GB Dual Ports Fibre Fiber PCI-X
X2050A-R5X2050AR5Netapp Refurbished X2050AR5 DUAL PORT FC-AL CONTROLLER CARD
X2050BNetapp New X2050B NetApp 2GB Dual Ports Fibre Fiber PCI-X
X2050BNetapp Refurbished X2050B NetApp 2GB Dual Ports Fibre Fiber PCI-X
X2052A-R6X2052AR6Netapp Refurbished X2052AR6 HBAFCDISKOP 4R6
X2054ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X2054A quad port 1/2/4 Gb/s Pcie FC initiator / controlle
X2054BNetapp Refurbished Netapp X2054B-R6 HBA FC 4-port PCIe 4Gb 111-00415 QLE2464-P-NAP
X2054-R6X2054R6Netapp Refurbished X2054-R6 111-00415+A0 Netapp QUAD 4Gbps 4-Port Fiber Channel Car
X2056-R6X2056R6Netapp Refurbished IO board FC 4-port PCIe card
X2065A-R6X2065AR6Netapp Refurbished X2065AR6 NetApp X2065A-R6 Copper PCIe Quad-Port QSFP 3-Gb SAS Host Bu
X2065-R6X2065R6Netapp Refurbished X2065R6 NetApp X2065A-R6 Copper PCIe Quad-Port QSFP 3-Gb SAS HBA Host Bus Adapter

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